Company: KHRISALLIS Coaching Zone
Name: Daphne Hamann & Kadal Bouakil
Country: Bulgaria

Gramadeto Area
2770 Bansko

Mobile Phone: +359 87 6295611



  EAHAE Member 2019

Licensed HorseDream Partner
 Licensed 2019

 EAHAE Annual





Training is about acquiring knowledge. At Khrisallis it is about an experience, a moment aiming at unlocking your leadership potential. It is the right place for individuals and executives teams seeking greater leadership skills. In today’s constantly changing environment, companies must deploy talent in new ways to remain competitive. Technology is transforming the world; we need to continuously reimagining what we do. At Khrisallis we are using ancestral simple methods with proven efficiency over time.

The horse assisted coaching is our main activity; we believe it is a powerful process that will help people and organisations changing their patterns toward successful achievements.

Daphne and Kadal have been enjoying working together for many years. They share common values and at the same time complement one another in giving the best of their experience to their customers, to optimise their potentials and performances. They are both passionate about the work with horses.