Company: Dr. Barbara Gorsler –
Management Training und Coaching
Name: Dr. Barbara Gorsler
Country: Switzerland

CH–8305 Dietlikon

0041 44 888 32 66
0041 79 352 43 03
0041 44 888 32 67

E-mail: seeyou@gorsler.ch
Website: www.gorsler.ch

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Horse assisted education – a most valuable completion of integral leadership training  



  EAHAE Member 2009
  Qualified 2009

  EAHAE Annual

   2010      2011 


Barbara Gorsler: Mit unseren Pferden lernen


PHD in economics; post doctorate: International Communication and Management;

Diploma: mental coach; languages: German, English, French

10 years different functions in banking sector and international project work.

15 years successful as independent management  trainer and coach for soft skills: communication, conflict resolution, time management, self- management.

Horse assisted training

Horse assisted education is an  integral part of my leadership courses  - it  has proved to be a very valuable completion. Participants appreciate to evaluate the findings in the class room in the very special context with horses. Horse assisted training is especially useful for authentic feedback, experiencing non-verbal communication, experimental and emotional learning.

-         Workshops for improving leadership qualities, team building and - development

Horse assisted training is also a very helpful element in the individual coaching process , especially for topics of non-verbal communication, self-assured appearance, self-confidence, surmounting obstacles , reducing fear, finding new perspectives and preparing for change.

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