Suhai Gábor

Licensed HorseDream Partner
Licensed 2008

Company: EQ Skill
Name: Suhai Gábor
Country: Hungary

Bimbó út 5
H-1022, Budapest 

Phone:  +36 30 211 7688




EAHAE Member 2008
Qualified 2008

EAHAE Annual

  2010      2012      2014
  2015     2016       2017


The EQ-Skill Equine Assisted Leadership Trainings create an experiential learning environment in which each participant’s natural talents and competencies are revealed and can be improved effectively by preserving already existing effective skills and implementing new ones got acquainted through self experience exercises with horses.

Equine Mediated Coaching is an innovative methodology based on horse mediated executive training and horse therapy but always tailored to the needs of the actual individual coachee or team. This methodology is largely an original development of our coach Gábor Suhai rooted in his studies of horse mediated training, horse therapy and various schools of psychotherapy, finetuned and proven during numerous executive coaching processes.