Company: Duran Art
Name: Irina Toma
Country: Romania


Mobile Phone: +40 724 190 927


  EAHAE Member 2017
  Qualified 2017


If you want to develop or build your business on healthy values and need a strong, performing and efficient team, the answer is experiential learning: the optimal combination between coaching and horse assisted education.

Have you ever asked yourself why the team isn’t exactly doing what the manager asked them to do? Could he/she motivate them better? Could they be more dedicated and involved in managing their tasks and objectives? Our unique horse assisted approach tells your managers why.

Training courses develop knowledge and competencies, while experiential learning develops abilities, behaviours, attitudes and challenges limiting beliefs.

We offer you a transformational and fun experience which will be remembered for a long time.

Following the HorseDream unique and powerful approach, our four legged trainers will help you develop a personal and professional leadership and communication.

Well chosen exercises with the horses present as a mirror allows managers and team members, with the help of the coach, to come to crucial insights about their leadership style and qualities.