Company: Intentional Leaders
Name: Janice Drescher
Country: USA

10511 Woodside Dr
Street: Forestville
ZIP/Town: CA 95436

Phone: 707-887-8488
Mobile Phone: 707-326-5681
Fax: 707-887-8404


  EAHAE Member 2016
  Qualified 2016


Janice Drescher, owner of Intentional Leaders, has over 25 years’ experience as an executive leadership coach and trainer, empowering her clients to be authentic leaders who live their passion. Janice shows her clients how to build effective and profitable organizations that empower managers to achieve results through their teams.

As part of her business, she offers a unique leadership and team building retreat with horses resulting in powerful insights for healthy work relationships, collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Prior to founding her company in 1999, Janice spent 13 years coaching business owners at Michael Gerber’s E-Myth organization.  As VP Consulting and Training, she played a key role in the development and rollout of the program that licensed certified E-Myth consultants around the world.

Janice has two horses named Ginger Snap and Queenie. She enjoys spending time playing at liberty with them in the magical dance that’s possible when a horse engages with you of their own free will, without equipment or force.

Janice has a BA from Simmons College in Spanish, an MAT from Wesleyan University in Spanish/Education, an ED.S from Stanford University in Curriculum and is a Certified Equine Interaction Professional (CEIP).

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