Company: Credé Consulting Ltd
Name: Liz Credé
Country: UK

370 London Road
St Albans

Mobile Phone: 0044 (0) 7979 243501

EAHAE Member 2015
Qualified 2013

Licensed HorseDream Partner
Licensed 2016

EAHAE Annual


“You can lead a horse to water but you can´t make it drink”.

This is a cracking metaphor for one of the great challenges of organisational life: even with all the carrots, sticks and information in the world, people will only do what they have a mind to do. And witnessing first-hand how horses behave in the herd can tell us so much about how we deal with this challenge when we are called on to lead.

As part of my work with teams and individuals I offer Horse-assisted Leadership Development as an experiential one- or two-day workshop that offers transformative learning, plenty of eureka moments and a profound understanding of how we impact on others through our leadership.

When we attempt to lead them, horses perceive with great sensitivity our every gesture, our posture, our tone of voice, our clarity of intention (or lack of), our emotional and mental state, the energy our presence conveys … and will let us know unequivocally, but without judgement, how our leadership is received.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience unmistakeable non-verbal feedback on our current leadership approach and know how it feels to try out different ways of leading and see immediate results. For teams, it provides insight into the dynamics and hierarchies at play and how each member contributes in their particular way to the status quo. With coaching support, participants are able to challenge their assumptions and limiting beliefs to become more authentic in their leadership.

Hand on heart, the shifts I have witnessed people achieving in this process have been extraordinary – and not a flip chart in sight!