Company: Equusprojection
Name: Nina Husmann
Country: Spain

Finca Los Baños s/n
ES-11391 Facinas/Cádiz

Phone: 0034677133207



Qualified 2012

„When we are ready to commit, a big field of new options appears with subtle possibilities to communicate“

The horse has an enormous potential to show us humans our own individual characteristics.

During the last 10 years I worked intensivly with all sorts of animals while I lived in Switzerland and Spain.

A part from my function as a trekking guide and riding teacher in diferent horse breeding centers in switzerland and in in Spain, I assisted horse veterinaries and veterinaries in a animal clinic in routin treatments and operations.

Interested profoundly in the background of communication between animals and humans, I inscribed two to three years to the study of ethology and behavioural therapy.

First therapeutic treatments of animals with displaying behavioural problems I made after the study exam in hamburg 2007. In this context I started to descover the intense and highly interesting influence of a horse existence in a humen’s environment.

As for the understanding of the complex animal behavioural theory it is inevitable and highly informative to study wildlife, I continued my career in South Africa. The topics where management of natural parks and ecologic coherences with a following internship in the botanic garden and wildlife park Gibraltar and the wildlife zoo Jimena Spain.

Now I live in southern Spain, and I am pleased to be able to finish my masters of environmental management in this beautiful area just at the Stait of Gibraltar, where also my workshops in communication training are offered.


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