Qualified 2016
Name: Svetlana Delas
Country: Ukraine

03048 Kiev

Mobile Phone: + 380938824445

E-mail: Svetlana.delas@gmail.com
Website: centaury.org.ua


My name is Svetlana. I’m grateful to be a member of the EAHAE team and to introduce myself here. I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. I love life, my family and my husband, my friends, horses, all mother nature has to offer. I love children very much. I love God for creating all of what we can experience and for us to be happy. I’m grateful for the gift named Life and for Breathing.

Since 5 years old I was daydreaming about two beautiful horses – black stallion and white mare, riding them and being around them. I never missed a chance to ride and read everything I could find about horses and horse-riding. However, my love and passion for them was limited by fears of my parents, who tried to keep me safe and away from big sport. Then I wanted to devote my life to save their lives and become a vet, but ended up meeting my dad’s expectations and studied applied physics. Never the less, I fell in love with physics too. I’m lucky to be fortuned to study it and learn about nature and universe laws of life and creation.

Working in family construction business and studying corporate management in Open University Business School gave me a great experience and clear understanding of business strategy principles, operational processes, their effective planning and maintaining, managing relationships with clients and effective teamwork. I find it always exciting to use creativity and situational approach in organizing and performing operations together with a devoted team of like-minded people.

Still, my passion for horses brought me to them eventually. I moved to Bulgaria, where I became a certified equestrian trainer, instructor and judge while was working with Arabian breed in BtbEndurance horse club in Ruse. I had to prepare from scratch young horses, either a fiery stallion or tempered mare for Endurance races. As well as their riders, from 10 to 50 years old absolutely unexperienced too. We were working on the ground and spending hours being mounted deep in nature. I love horse-riding, and for long distances especially, but even more than that I love to connect with my horses on the ground. I eagerly practice Liberty now together with my beautiful wise and kind-hearted young stallion Grom (Thunder from Russian). I like to use my breath, mind and emotional state to interact with my horses and connect with them. Due to my spine operation, this way of ‘riding’ is also more gentle on me and safe for my condition, even though, thanks’ God, I feel free to ride again.

While I was working as part of the hippotherapy team “Spirit” in Kiev, I was amazed by the effectiveness of Equine Assisted Therapy in development of physical and psychological states of clients with different disease severities. I was touched by children’s smiles and the results they had after just a course of such treatment so much, that I founded the charitable organization “Centre for Human Development. “Centaury”, which mission is comprehensive human development – rehabilitation, socialization and habilitation, developing a healthy and successful generation. We strive to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and "special children" - with cerebral palsy, autism, delayed speech, mental or motor development, hyperactivity, Down syndrome, etc. We work to see smiles on the children’s faces, as they gain freedom in movement and expression of themselves.

Once again, I want to express my excitement from becoming a ”Qualified member of the EAHAE International Association for Horse Assisted Education” and being a part of the worldwide community of professionals! I look forward to developing horse assisted education for business people, couples and families, teenagers and youngsters here in Ukraine too. I truly believe that horses are capable not only to heal and improve emotional, psychological and physical state of people, but also to develop their leadership and communication skills, awoke creativity, sub consciousness and imagination, intuition and empathy, raise awareness, release stress and help to recreate oneself.