Company: Caballos y liderazgo natural
Name: Victoria Baras
Country: Spain

Address: Consell de Cent 391, 4º 2ª. 08009 Barcelona

Phone: 93 487 76 87 (City), 93 750 20 39 (Country side)
Mobile Phone: 649 028 028 and 607 93 32 94
Fax: 93 750 20 39



EAHAE Member 2005
Qualified 2005


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(Victoria´s Dream)

Victoria started working at the Barcelona Stock Exchange when she was still a young student. Helas! Her skills in communication and public relations revealed very early and the Chairman of the Institution committed her to carry the International Public Affairs Office and the Press Office of it.

In such a frame Victoria grew up and developed  herself both personally and professionally during 16 years of tight cooperation with the different presidents elected Chairmen of the Barcelona Stock Exchange. At that time she married and she gave birth to 2 boys. In late 80´s she started her own business, setting up “Victoria Baras y Asociados”, an Image, Communication and PR Agency which later merged with French advertising company BBDP.

During the Barcelona Olympic Games in1992 she had a very active role, her Communication Agency being involved in several projects. After this big event, Victoria felt exhausted. She took some months of retirement in Mallorca Island to think about her real goals in life, looking for the plenitude the success as business woman did not provided her.  It was the beginning a new starting. Through meditation and working with horses she felt as reconnecting with nature and her inner hood truth. Back in Barcelona she shifts down her work in the Agency and she begins studying bioenergetics and Naturopathies.

Once finished, she opened her consultancy as Therapist in Barcelona while continuing working with horses. Some years later she found it that some patients with diseases like stress, lack of self-stem or confidence, nervous, depressive and a long etcetera did benefit of some sessions of working with horses. She understood that her own previous healing process from her “worn-out syndrome” had improved so quickly because the long journeys she spent with horses, communicating with horses, just being along with horses. For her It was great to find again a nice way to honour her skills of communication in a way that makes sense of life! Since then, the emotional therapy she offers is always assisted by horses.

She learned about Arianna Strozzi and her Courses on Horse Assisted Education and  in 2005 she met the EAHAE. On October that year she attended the General Meeting and became a  member.

CABALLOS Y LIDERAZGO NATURAL has different offer for different needs both for individuals and organizations. The Courses are addressed to coaches willing to propose something new to their clients, to HR Managers organizing outdoor activities, to companies interested in Horse-Coaching and Horse Assisted Education for developing managing skills and conscious business.

Victoria has been granted “Quality Award” by the first Non Governmental Organization of Emotional Intelligence Education set up in Spain.

Recently, she has signed a contract to cooperate with one of the main Business Schools of the World set up in Barcelona: leadership  and management skills with horses is already in the Program for all students of the MBA.

The ASOCIACION IBEROAMERICANA DE FORMACION ASISTIDA CON CABALLOS has been constituted by Victoria in February 2009.


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