Brochure EAHAE European Association for Horse Assisted Education


International Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE International)

Horse Assisted Education helps us all to find together. The horse is a bridge not only between people, but between countries, cultures, and belief systems. Working with horses in corporate seminars means to get a clear picture of oneself and of people around us. It means to contribute to humanity in business.

We would be happy to be supported by individuals, companies, foundations to reach our vision: to establish and develop Horse Assisted Education as a general form of personal and professional development in enterprises, organisations, institutions, societies, and for personal purposes.

If you are interested in a yearly sponsorship contract, please send an E-mail to to get further information.

If you would like to sponsor an EAHAE project, such as the annual conference, a regional symposium, scientific research, please call +49 5685 9224233.

We are also looking around for sponsored facilities in different countries to institute local or global  EAHAE education centers.

Of course we would be happy if you just want to  support our work with money.  Easy way to do so is using PayPal.

You can enter your donation amount clicking "Donate"

Money received from sponsors goes into the running of the EAHAE. This includes all ongoing running costs for staff, marketing, pre-sales and networking activities.

EAHAE was founded by Gerhard Krebs (HorseDream) in August 2004.

Since then HorseDream leads EAHAE as a part of its business. Membership fees and payments for special services go directly into the support of the community, namely administration of all EAHAE activity (website, social media) promoting EAHAE, sponsoring the conference and coaching and supporting the members.

EAHAE is a support platform, on which every member can develop her/his own horse assisted education business.

For EAHAE community it is essential we hold and adhere to certain values.

Above all is trust.
Further we encourage caring, collaborative business and not competitive business.
It is core of the EAHAE values that we collaborate on an equal level.

Regarding our horses, we consider them as trainers not as tools.

These core values are a substantial and essential facet of the HorseDream Train the Trainer Seminar, which qualifies for EAHAE membership. If it is felt by the board that these values are being compromised then membership can be revoked.