Website Award

Awards 2006-2015


You can be nominated with your website until 31st August 2016 if you are a new EAHAE member or if your website has been launched since the last Annual Conference
(October  2015).

The voting criteria with points from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) are:

Intuitive appearance:
How does the website affect you, in terms of our EAHAE vision?

EAHAE reference:
How obvious is it for a website visitor that this seminar provider is connected to the EAHAE?

Nominations for 2016


Julio Rodrigo De Villasante y Gamba, Mexico HorseDream Mexico

Evgeniya Goncharova, Kazakhstan HD

Marina Bukanova, Kazakhstan HorseDream Kazakhstan

Karin Rosenlew, Finland

Dr. Rita Narath, Austria

Maren Anne Røed, Norway

Liz Credé, UK HD

Sylvie Maquet, France

Bernard Lamonnier, France

Deborah Dunlap, USA HD

Catherine Valencourt, France

Martin Kensy and Martina Zimmermann, Germany

Valerie Calvet, France HD

Insa Schülzke, Germany

Ellen Conrad, Germany

Gustavo Morataya, Costa Rica HD and Valvanera Caballero Orío, Spain HD