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EAHAE International

EAHAE was founded by Gerhard Krebs (HorseDream) in August 2004.

Since then HorseDream leads EAHAE as a part of its business. Membership fees and payments for special services go directly into the support of the community, namely administration of all EAHAE activity (website, social media) promoting EAHAE, sponsoring the conference and coaching and supporting the members. 

EAHAE is a support platform, on which every member can develop her/his own horse assisted education business. 

For EAHAE community it is essential we hold and adhere to certain values. 

Above all is trust. 
Further we encourage caring, collaborative business and not competitive business. 
It is core the EAHAE values that we collaborate on an equal level. 
Regarding our horses, we consider them as trainers not as tools.

These core values are a substantial and essential facet of the HorseDream Train the Trainer Seminar, which qualifies for EAHAE membership. If it is felt by the board that these values are being compromised then membership can be revoked.

HorseDream provides and leads this platform for pushing forward the vision, to establish and develop Horse Assisted Education as a general form of personal and professional development in enterprises, organisations, institutions, societies and for personal purposes.

Membership of the platform is at the discretion of the EAHAE board. Any member acting in a manner, considered by the EAHAE board, to be detrimental to the organisation or to the general domain of horse assisted education will result in instant expulsion from the association.

EAHAE does not allow members to be connected with or use techniques connected with Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard) or any sect. Any member found to be in violation of this rule will immediately be expelled from the association.

As a Qualified EAHAE Member

  • you are allowed to provide the seminar "The Art of Leadership"
  • you get a personal profile on the EAHAE website, linked to your own website
  • you are allowed to use internal EAHAE documents, information, presentations, and seminar concepts
  • you can participate in the EAHAE website award
  • you are allowed to use the EAHAE logo and the phrase "Qualified Member of the EAHAE Internationa (former European) Association for Horse Assisted Education" on the own website and in letters, papers or brochures


Payment without VAT - only for members in the EU with a EU VAT-ID:

12 months



24 months

5 years

EUR 190.00 (valid 12 months)

EUR 350.00 (valid 24 months)

EUR 650.00 (valid 5 years)


EUR 1,500.00 (special profile page and special featuring on the EAHAE website and on Facebook pages)


You'll get a printable invoice/receipt after payment.

If you don't want to pay via PayPal, please transfer the amount to our bank account:

Receiver: G&K HorseDream GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Postbank
Account number: 241644759 (BLZ 660 100 75)
IBAN: DE43660100750241644759