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Gerhard J. Krebs



"Better a boss who’s always nagging, grumbling, exploding and mistreating us than a boss who has mutated into a horse whisperer.” That could not be true! It was 11th March 1998 and we were reading the summary of our carefully formulated press release in the local newspaper, having just successfully completed our first open “Motivation Seminar for Managers” with horses as medium and we were excited by the prospect of interest from not only hundreds but thousands of new participants in the future.

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David Harris


When we first started our workshops often we did not have a structure. We would invite friends family and acquaintances to come and “play” with the horses. If the play resulted in learning we would refine the process and utilise it in our programmes. This is the way many of our current exercises evolved.


On one memorable occasion we realised you do not need a structure or even an exercises for profound learning to occur. This is my memory of that wonderful occasion. I have changed the name of the participant to ensure this intimate learning stays that way. She gave me her permission to tell you the story.

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Jesvir Mahil



Remember those moments of epiphany (we’ve all had them) when your life takes a dramatic turn following a deep insight or discovery of a love that you have not experienced previously?


One of these life transforming experiences occurred for me about five years ago when I realised that there is a growing number of people around the world that have made a major shift in consciousness by promoting their horses to the role of educators rather than captive vehicles for transport or creatures for entertainment. In loosening the bonds of captivity and allowing their horses to experience the natural freedom and power that is so readily associated with them, horse owners around the world are stimulating a paradigm shift that could have an inspirational impact on innovation in the world of education.

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Christine Schöneberg

It was only in July when a large German car manufacturer approached Gerhard with an idea: could it be possible to integrate something with horses into an already scheduled management workshop? The audience was described as managers and team leaders from one functional area, facing the challenge of implementing a huge IT project and the corresponding process changes.

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Renáta Foldynová

“Horses are mysterious creatures,” a friend of mine told me when we talked about her project of horse assisted management training, and I felt this phrase in my mind suddenly opened the door to another world. Until then, the horses were for me like other domestic animals. I was not particularly interested in them; my interest was strictly neutral. But I was intrigued, attracted and inspired by the mysticism. Now, horses entered into my world of mysticism by the main gate in all their grandeur and splendour. From that moment I knew that I would take the first opportunity for contact with this leadership trainers shrouded in mysticism.

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Nikki & Leslie Kagan


The picadero – much like a round pen with corners – is a place where we can explore our own truths and look in the mirror of how we relate to others.  With our equine partner, we have the opportunity to experience the impact of our presence – our emotions and energy – on others.  This experience can be a very powerful metaphor, as was the case with “Susan,” a participant in one of the corporate HorseSense programs we facilitated recently.

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Barbara Rector


A few days ago, a very generous spirited colleague and friend, Linda Kohanov, invited me to participate in her four day teaching seminar focused on the Wisdom of Pioneering Spirit. Linda knew I was recovering from yet more dental surgery and that my horse Brown was living nearby.  Brown had been moved two weeks earlier to El Milagros for the purpose of learning how to be a horse amongst horses.  He was turned out with nine other geldings in a ten acre grass pasture paddock.  Jean Burke, supervisor of the Milagros herds, has a good track record with me; she kept Rama for three years while I was in graduate school.

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EAHAE was founded by Gerhard Krebs (HorseDream) in August 2004. Since then HorseDream leads EAHAE as a part of its business. Membership fees and payments for special services go directly into the support of the community, namely administration of all EAHAE activity (website, social media) promoting EAHAE, sponsoring the conference and coaching and supporting the members.


EAHAE is a support platform, on which every member can develop her/his horse assisted education business.  For the EAHAE community, it is essential we hold and adhere to certain values.


Above all is trust. Further, we encourage caring, collaborative business and not a competitive business. It is the core of the EAHAE values that we collaborate on an equal level. Regarding our horses, we consider them as trainers, not as tools.


These core values are a substantial and essential facet of the HorseDream Train the Trainer Seminar, which qualifies for EAHAE membership. If it is felt by the board that these values are being compromised, then membership can be revoked.